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This course provides comprehensive training for industrial and research/biotechnology personnel. The course uses a "nuts and bolts" approach to radiation safety, so each attendee receives information pertinent to them. All persons attend "core" lectures, and then the class is split into separate groups for industrial and research/biotechnology users. Each group receives specific instruction as well as hands-on use of meters, etc. for meeting specific needs and regulatory requirements.

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Two Day Courses

  Link Two Day Course Agenda (pdf)

  Link Savannah, GA - Feb 20 - 21 2018 | Register!
  Link Ft Lauderdale, FL - Apr 11 - 12 2018 | Register!
  Link Milwaukee, WI - May 2 - 3 2018 | Register!

Five Day Courses

  Link Five Day Course Agenda (pdf)

  Link Oak Ridge, TN - May 14 - 18 2018 | Register!


People in industry (fixed or portable gauges) who are responsible for radiation safety or need to understand the principles of radiation safety. Excellent course for the newly appointed RSO. This seminar meets regulatory requirements for RSO training for fixed gauge users, or serves as an excellent introduction to new radiation workers. This course is also a great refresher to keep abreast of the everchanging field of radiation protection.


Seminar Coordinator
Sue Engelhardt has over 24 years experience in Health Physics. After receiving her M.S., she worked as a Health Physicist in the uranium fuel cycle, and then as the RSO at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 10 years. At the UW-Madison, Susan had experience with multi - curie quantities of radioactive material. As a nationally recognized speaker/trainer in the heavy industry environment, Susan also presents client specific courses to R&D and Biotech specialties. As President of Engelhardt & Associates, Inc., she organizes and presents a wide spectrum of training courses, conducts compliance audits and develops licenses.


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